Have you ever felt sick suddenly during one of your travels? Well, I have. In facts, it was one of the craziest things I have ever done right after I started my travels. I was on a 4-hour train from Aquas Calientes to Cusco in Peru; when I felt so sick. A stranger on the train offered me a painkiller, and I took the pill without second-guessing. I was desperately looking for a way to make myself feel better until I reach my hotel. I know feeling desperate does not justify my irresponsible behavior, but I was lucky that my experience did not turn into a nightmare.

“I am, unfortunately, one of those people who get sick every time I travel.”

I know there are many external factors affect travelers health like time zone change, altitude change, the food, and the rapid weather change. But it is always good to take extra cautions and here are some tips to do that:

  1. It is crucial to check the weather before you head out. Pick your trip attire accordingly. Take extra clothes if needed like a raincoat, scarf, a light sweater etc., Checking the weather is a slight detail many of us miss, but doing it could mean a fantastic vacation.
  2. Probiotics and multivitamins intake helps on the road. I make a habit of taking one or two before my trip. Prepare your immune system for the change. It is one of the best things you can do to prevent getting sick.
  3. When you arrive at your destination, I know, we all get excited and are eager to explore right away, but take your time.  Take a shower and rest your body. We all need a break after a short or long flight.
  4. Avoid drinking or using tap water. Don’t even brush your teeth with it. Some people are cautious about what they eat in other countries but are not very careful when drinking or using tap water. Do not drink any beverages with ice! Be careful not to swallow any water when showering to avoid a trip to a cold hospital room in a foreign
  5. Wash your hands often. I carry my soap and a bottle of hand sanitizer with me at all times.
  6. Be very careful about what you eat outside, try not to eat uncooked meat and milk-based products.
  7. Travel with a mini-medicine stash bag. Carry anything you might think is useful in case you get sick (painkillers, antibiotics, yeast infection kits, tampons, antibacterial wipes, etc.) In most countries, it is not easy to get medicine because pharmacies require a prescription from a doctor. It can also be costly. Then, there is also the language barrier when I tried to get medication and could not communicate what I wanted so stack your luggage with any medicines you might need.
  8. For tropical vacation destinations, mosquito spray is a must. Now that we have all kinds of diseases like zika virus, we should at all times carry mosquito spray.
  9. A clove of garlic before bed is another perfect way to avoid getting sick, I say before bed because of the unpleasant smell of garlic that no one needs to smell. Don’t forget to brush your teeth afterward.
  10. This one is the hardest for most of us; avoid alcohol and coffee. I love wine and coffee, but I avoid drinking both while I am away for two critical reasons. First; the alcoholic beverages and coffee dehydrate your body. Dehydration weakens your immune system. Instead, try to drink lots of water. Second, more you drink them, the more you will need to use the bathroom on the way, and there is a slight chance that you might not find one especially you take a hiking trip. Holding it also can cause an infection.
  11. Ladies, carry your toilet papers, wipes, pads, and tampons with you if you do not want to get an infection.
  12. Carry your health insurance card with you for emergencies. Try to get a travelers’ insurance before traveling. It might be costly, but it can help you avoid suffering and save some dollars on the healthcare cost.
  13. Unfortunately, not many people like or drink tea, but I come from a culture that has an addiction to black tea. When I travel though, I put aside my regular black tea addiction and try to make myself a cup of hot tea with mint, ginger, lemon, and honey especially before I head to my bed.
  14. If you feel like you are about to get ill try Vicks Vapor; rub your chest and feet with Vicks vapor, do not forget to wear socks and rest up.
  15. Sun makes you sick without you even realizing it. Make sure to carry a sunscreen lotion, sunglass, and a hat.

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  1. carissa | 6th Apr 18

    What great ideas, I will have to bookmark this for future reference (:

  2. Melissa | 6th Apr 18

    Thank you Carissa (:

  3. Kayla | 11th May 18

    So many great points! I always hit the road the second I arrive in a destination (#3) and make myself so tired! It is so much better when you arrive and relax and give yourself a break before heading out.

    • Melissa | 13th May 18

      Thank you Kayla! Yes, resting is important.

  4. Kerly Segovia | 18th Jun 18

    Hola me parece que tú sugerencias son muy importantes felicitaciones

    • Melissa | 19th Jun 18

      Hola Kerly, Gracias!

  5. n | 3rd Aug 18

    Hhhhhmmmmmmm….about the coffee, I might as well say that it’s an impossible one, for me! Coffee is me and I’m coffee.

  6. kelly collins | 3rd Aug 18

    Thanks for these nice tips

  7. Serena Millet | 3rd Aug 18

    I love your ideas! My husband is the master and pretty much does everything in this list, except for drinking. We like to have a night of drinks om vacation. But lucky I have him to worry about ask that stuf so I don’t have to

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