Today, Hoover Dam is one of the most visited attractions for those visiting Las Vegas in the United States. The Dam is thirty miles away from Las Vegas with two hours ride. If you do not know what Hoover Dam is all about, here are some facts for you!

  1. There were three main reasons why the Hoover Dam built. First one was to control the flow of the Colorado River to prevent floods. The second one was to provide water supply to people when it is needed. And the last one was to generate electricity.
  2. Arthur Powell Davis, an engineer, was the one who recommended building a giant dam on Boulder Canyon between Nevada and Arizona. The States around the Colorado River could not agree about the water distribution, and the project was postponed for years before it built. The states were Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Califonia, Wyoming, Nevada, and New Mexico.
  3. Instead of constructing the dam in the Boulder Canyon, they started to build it in the Black Canyon for better commute and living condition for workers, but the project remained as Boulder Dam project and the dam named as a Boulder Dam.
  4. Building the largest dam in the world in the middle of the desert in seven years was a challenge. There were not any big companies to handle the construction of the dam in the U.S., so the six big construction companies came together and built the dam.
  5. After the project announced, thousands of people came to Las Vegas to get a job at the site. Families lived in their cars, waited to get a job near the project site.
  6. At the beginning of the project, the government planned to build a Boulder city for the dam workers in a year but the stock market crashed, and there weren’t enough funds available. After the construction started, six construction companies built a Boulder city; seven miles away from work. They created everything that a city should have, theaters, entertainment, schools, churches, etc.,  but the federal government had full authority in the town. There were seven thousand residents in the city.
  7. Six companies paid their workers’ wages in half cash and half script. The only way to spend script was to shop in the six companies’ stores in the Boulder town.
  8. No alcohol and gambling allowed in the city so the city workers would go to Las Vegas.
  9. Safety and health condition were not good at the construction site, so the workers went on strike, but they replaced by the new workers.
  10. Workers of the Dam paid $5.00 a day for seven days a week.
  11. The dam height is 726 feet.
  12. Damming of the Colorado River created the largest human-made lake in the world; the Lake Mead locates in one of the driest places on the earth, 30 miles south-east of Las Vegas. The weight of the water filling Lake Mead caused many earthquakes in the Boulder city.
  13. Colorado River is the same river that carved the Grand Canyon so when you think about that; you would know that the dam is enormous.
  14. Southwest of America is a dry area but after creating the damn; Colorado River sprayed millions of acres farmland cities sprouted, and Las Vegas became the most visited cities in the U.S.
  15. Approximately 100,012 people lost their lives during the construction of the dam.
  16. President Herbert Hoover, who gave his name to the dam only visited the dam one time in 1932.
  17. 1% was African American who got the least desirable positions in the Dam and lived in Boulder City.
  18. The Dam completed two years ahead of schedule and under budget.
  19. In 1935 President Roosevelt came to see the dam and changed the name of the Dam to its original, which was a Boulder Dam.
  20. In 1947,  the name changed back to Hoover Dam again by the Congress.
  21. Hoover Dam changed the direction of the river in the course of people’s lives.
  22. More than six million people per year visit the Dam’s visitor center, generating revenue that covers the half of the Dam’s operating expenses.
  23. The Boulder city still exists today.

That’s it from me, if you know anything unusual about the Hoover Dam that I did not mention above, please feel free to share on commending section below.

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  1. melissa | 17th Sep 18

    I was going to go to Las Vegas for my 30th birthday, it would have been so much fun! but I will definitely go there later.

  2. Michelle | 17th Sep 18

    Very interesting!!

  3. Abril www.parisandjune.com | 17th Sep 18

    Those are all so interesting. Number 15 is sad. Nice read! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kristina | 18th Sep 18

    Wow, that’s a lot of Dam facts! Very interesting!

  5. Evelyn Hernandez | 18th Sep 18

    I visited Vegas in the past but never ventured to Hoover Dam. Hopefully I will visit one day. These are some very interesting facts.

  6. Krish | 18th Sep 18

    Very informative blog…you have given so much details…an engineering marvel..
    Thank you

  7. Moni | 19th Sep 18

    Wow, thanks for sharing! Some of the facts are amazing!

  8. Thedailysunlight | 20th Sep 18

    Omg. I literally had no idea about these. This is so interesting. I haven’t been to Vegas yet but wow this is so cool. So many facts. 😀

  9. Amy Kramer | 20th Sep 18

    Wow, $5 a day for this work is crazy to think about! I didn’t know the background of the town before.

  10. Nina Nichols | 20th Sep 18

    Hoover Dam is included in our bucket list! We want to visit Las Vegas just to see this! Hope it’ll be soon. 🙂

  11. Juli | 20th Sep 18

    I love this! I do know of some friends who would appreciate a visit like this.

  12. Monidipa Dutta | 21st Sep 18

    Wow, these facts are amazing. I didn’t know about most of these. This a very informative post, Hoover dam is very inviting.

  13. Aakanksha | 21st Sep 18

    Very informative. Good facts. Number 15 is appalling though

  14. anshul | 22nd Sep 18

    Didn’t know that there is such a rich history behind this dam. No wonder it has been part of global pop culture for so long.

  15. The Beauty flicks | 22nd Sep 18

    All facts about hoover dam are amazing. This article is very interesting to read. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Indu | 22nd Sep 18

    Your post reminds me of stunning Hoover Dam views through heli ride.

  17. Kristina @ Spirit of the soul | 22nd Sep 18

    Great info. Hoover damn is on my bucket list and hope to visit in the near future.

  18. Swati | 23rd Sep 18

    Never thought dam facts could be interesting but damn! They are 😎😎 on a serious, note this was a great read

  19. Mane | 23rd Sep 18

    Wow, this is very interesting. I hope I can visit the Hoover dam too!

  20. Blair villanueva | 24th Sep 18

    It must’ve been an awesome feeling to built that kind of structure those days ahead of schedule with the limited budget. Corruption seems no existence those days.

  21. Bashi | 24th Sep 18

    So many things to know about; all are very interesting facts actually.

  22. Olivia | 24th Sep 18

    I have never been there, but have always wanted to go!! I’ve never been to Vegas either. All of these facts are so interesting!!! I’ll have to go one day.

  23. Puja | 24th Sep 18

    This is so interesting. I would love to visit Hoover dam and all this info will help me enjoy is much better.

  24. Sheena Moncatar | 24th Sep 18

    Oh, this list is fantastic! I am into visiting the HOOVER DAM. I have been to the US but never had the chance to visit that part of US. I just am so fascinated with this amazing dam so thank you very much for sharing this post.

  25. Synz | 25th Sep 18

    Interesting facts! The closest I can get to Hoover dam was a picture of my cousins when they went there. I hope one day I can visit it.

  26. Edwin | 25th Sep 18

    Great to find out inside things about the well-known Hoover Dam. Every place has its story!

  27. Aisasami | 25th Sep 18

    I have never been to Hoover Dam but these are interesting facts! Thanks for sharing!

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