Antelope Canyon is a fantastic slot canyon that attracts so many tourists and photographers from all over the world to amazing Navajo land that locates in the East of Page, Arizona. Here are some facts you might not know about the Antelope Canyon.

  1. There was an incident in 1997; twelve hikers were swept away by a flood in the lower part of the Antelope Canyon. The result of the event, eleven of them lost their lives. After that, daily tours plan and guide by Navajo people. You cannot enter the canyon without a guide!
  2. The stairs of the lower part of the canyon are hazardous; you can easily slip and fall. To prevent any accidents; you have to hold tight by your both hands, you are not allowed to take a picture while going down or up of the steps. It’s dangerous, don’t try it. I took the below picture with my guide before entering the steps.
  3. Best time to visit the Antelope Canyon is from April to November.
  4. Be sure to ask for photo tips to your guide in the Canyon. I promise they will give great tips to get great shots of the Canyon.
  5. There are two types of tours; regular touristic tours and photo tours. Here is an important tip; do not forget to book them in advance. Especially the photo tours book so fast.
  6. There are rules! If you do not follow them, you can be kicked out of the Antelope Canyon by your guide. No joke!
  7. There are two parts of the Canyon; the lower portion and the upper part.
  8. The upper canyon is called “Tsebighanilini” by the Navajo people; meaning “the place where water runs through rocks.”
  9. The lower canyon is called “Hazdistazi” by the Navajo people; meaning “spiral rock arches.”
  10. Antelope Canyon was discovered by a Navajo girl who was herding sheep in the area around 1931.
  11. The Canyon got its name from the Antelopes that grazed in the area.
  12. The Canyon became famous when a European tourist took a picture of the gorgeous canyon and posted it on social media, and it went viral.

If you know something that I do not, please do share with us in the comment section!

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  1. Chaulet Benjamin | 23rd Sep 18

    Very nice picture the last one. Look the photograph Derik Feole who did fantastic pictures as well.

  2. Jennifer Dagi | 23rd Sep 18

    The antelope canyon looks like a wonderful place for a curious tourist to visit. I might consider visiting it someday but I’m not sure I would want to risk bringing kids. If I decide to go, I’ll either go alone or with my spouse. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Shahenda | 23rd Sep 18

    Is it me or it looks dangerous? BTW it might be an interesting location for filming sci-fi movies, like another planet or Mars.

  4. Ena Que | 23rd Sep 18

    I will definitely visit whenever I have the chance! I think this is amazing; I might spend hours there…

  5. Bushra | 24th Sep 18

    OMG, the last picture is so amazing. One day I would like to visit it with my husband. We have never been to Arizona though. Just a couple of time at the airport for connecting flight and it was very beautiful.

  6. Aakanksha | 24th Sep 18

    Oh, those steps do look dangerous! I like the fact# 11. Do the antelopes still graze there?

  7. Devyani Ray | 24th Sep 18

    I have always wanted to visit Antelop canyon. Have to make it next year!

  8. aisasami | 24th Sep 18

    This is a beautiful canyon! It looks really photogenic. I have to visit this someday!

  9. Blushblushtomato | 25th Sep 18

    Wow, very informative, would love to visit there one day!

  10. Crystal | 26th Sep 18

    Some things are so beautiful that it doesn’t look real. Definitely a must on my travel wish list now!

  11. Bashi | 27th Sep 18

    This place is really nice yet terrifying. it’s interesting to know that it went viral after a tourist visit picture.

  12. Gena | 1st Oct 18

    This Canyon is on my bucket list! And it’s always nice to find out more things about the place you want to visit. Thank you for quality content! 🙂

  13. Hope | 30th Oct 18

    Wow! I love the last picture that is so cool.

  14. Hackytips | 30th Oct 18

    The last picture looks like a painting! Liked it.

  15. Fibi Tong | 31st Oct 18

    Amazing photos and really a beautiful place. Wish I go there one day

  16. Matija | 31st Oct 18

    ohhh this looks so beautiful, and dangerous at the same time, a part of me really wants to go there, also thought there would have been more antelopes 🙁

  17. Hunny Bohra | 31st Oct 18

    Great info on antelope canyon. It’ll come handy when I visit it sometime.

  18. furtdsolinopv | 31st Oct 18

    Appreciating the hard work you put into your website and in depth information you present. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Excellent read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  19. MAYSZ | 1st Nov 18

    Wow Amazing place perfect for adventure travel. 🙂

  20. Gloria Grossi | 1st Nov 18

    Does this place really exists? This is mind blowing. Indeed nature is the greatest artist.

  21. Jeferson | 1st Nov 18

    Amazing place…… My aunt lives in Arizona…. And they went there….. Amazing shots they have in caves…..

  22. love faith more | 1st Nov 18

    No wonder why there are so many tourists about that place. So beautiful to visit. It’s one of a kind!

  23. Charlotte | 2nd Nov 18

    Amazing experience and great pictures! Antelope Canyon sounds like an adventure

  24. Puja | 2nd Nov 18

    I love these pictures. The antelope canyon has been in our bucket list and this post will be very helpful while planning a trip there.

  25. Scott Gilliland | 2nd Nov 18

    Yep, guess I have to go here now because of this post. I think I have an ever growing list now because of great blog posts like this! Thanks!

  26. Bunmies Healthy Choices | 3rd Nov 18

    I definitely need to visit. I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Sheena Moncatar | 3rd Nov 18

    One of the most IG worthy places on Earth! My friends have visited this canyon and they all speak much of their visit. Would love to see this canyon with my own eyes as well. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Samantha Flores | 3rd Nov 18

    Great shot of such an exquisite sight! Thanks for sharing.

  29. Nina Nichols | 4th Nov 18

    Beautiful but dangerous! It’s heart breaking that something that beautiful claimed those lives. I would still love to visit this place. I think as long as you follow the rules, you would be safe.

  30. Livelearnbetter | 4th Nov 18

    This is very informative, I had no idea. Nice photos!

  31. Prabashi | 5th Nov 18

    Wow. Didn’t even know such a wonderful place exist. This should be any travellers check list

  32. Blair villanueva | 6th Nov 18

    The Antelope Canyon really amazed me. Truly the nature makes the best artwork.

  33. Kathryn Caric | 6th Nov 18

    I’ve always wanted to see antelope canyon.

  34. Kalyani Khoda | 11th Jan 19

    These are great tips! I have seen so many news articles on travelers that have fallen to their death while taking selfies. It is great that you have shared this. The photos are beautiful as well!

  35. Melissa Cushing | 11th Jan 19

    Wow, what amazing pics you have here! I am loving this canyon and Arizona is a beautiful state for sure. I will have to make sure to visit. I love the USA!

  36. Kristen Frolich | 11th Jan 19

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I have always wanted to go to Arizona so if I do make it out there I will have to add this to my list of places I want to see.

  37. Kim Seghers | 12th Jan 19

    Antelope Canyon looks like a beautiful place to visit. I need to add this to my bucket list because I have always wanted to visit Arizona. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous place and photographs!

  38. kumamonjeng | 12th Jan 19

    I heard so much about this incredible place but not able to make it when I was in the States two years ago. I was at Arizona but nearer to Las Vegas part. What a shame that I was not able to make it there. But glad to learn about so many interesting facts about Antelope Canyon. I didn’t know you cannot enter the canyon without a guide and it seems so dangerous as the stairs to the lower part are quite slippery. You have everything one needs to know before going to Antelope Canyon!

  39. sara lafountain | 12th Jan 19

    I have never heard of Antelope Canyon before now. It looks very beautiful and we must visit next time we head to the West Coast for some travel.

  40. Vishal | 12th Jan 19

    The first photo looks charming and scaring at the same time if you read the description. I agree with you that it can be dangerous there going on your own and due to the incident it is really important to pay attention to what your guide is saying?

  41. Dani | 12th Jan 19

    That pic above fact 10 is mind-blowing! It looks so out of this world! Thank you for all these facts!

  42. azirtak | 13th Jan 19

    This place is SO beautiful and I hope to visit there someday! I know my kids would love to see this! I didn’t even know all these facts about this place!

  43. Cristina Petrini | 13th Jan 19

    A truly enchanting and magical place that hides a thousand mysteries in its dunes and its sand … beautiful!!

  44. Mo | 13th Jan 19

    There aren’t many places in the United States that I have visited since I am from Spain, but I am totally adding this one to my list of “to go places”.

  45. Rachel | 13th Jan 19

    Ohhh it looks and sounds so amazing! I would so love to visit one day! Like nothing, I have ever seen before!

  46. leah | 14th Jan 19

    oh my goodness what a gorgeous place to see! I love all the facts!

  47. Shoma | 14th Jan 19

    We visited last year and were struck at the beauty of this place.

  48. Caitlin + Dani | 14th Jan 19

    Antelope canyon is on our bucket list together. One of our best Doll friends just went!

  49. Sundeep | 15th Jan 19

    Will definitely going to visit Antelop canyon for sure this place looks amazing and thanks for sharing some useful information about Antelop canyon.

  50. David Elliott | 16th Jan 19

    This makes me think of Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. I loved going down into the caverns there. I would love to check this out.

  51. Preeti Chauhan | 17th Jan 19

    I first came to know about Antelope Canyon through the Instagram post of a friend , thanks for sharing the greta pictures and facts about Antelope Canyon.

  52. Rishabh & Nirali | 18th Jan 19

    There aren’t to many places where you can guarantee a good shot. Perhaps Antelope canyon is one of them. You can have your 2 year old take a random shot with your 5 year old phone and it will be good!

  53. ohmummymia | 18th Jan 19

    Wow, it looks awesome! Would love to visit that canyon!

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