Antelope Canyon is a fantastic slot canyon that attracts so many tourists and photographers from all over the world to amazing Navajo land that locates in the East of Page, Arizona. Here are some facts you might not know about the Antelope Canyon.

  1. There was an incident in 1997; twelve hikers were swept away by a flood in the lower part of the Antelope Canyon. The result of the event, eleven of them lost their lives. After that, daily tours plan and guide by Navajo people. You cannot enter the canyon without a guide!
  2. The stairs of the lower part of the canyon are hazardous; you can easily slip and fall. To prevent any accidents; you have to hold tight by your both hands, you are not allowed to take a picture while going down or up of the steps. It’s dangerous, don’t try it. I took the below picture with my guide before entering the steps.
  3. Best time to visit the Antelope Canyon is from April to November.
  4. Be sure to ask for photo tips to your guide in the Canyon. I promise they will give great tips to get great shots of the Canyon.
  5. There are two types of tours; regular touristic tours and photo tours. Here is an important tip; do not forget to book them in advance. Especially the photo tours book so fast.
  6. There are rules! If you do not follow them, you can be kicked out of the Antelope Canyon by your guide. No joke!
  7. There are two parts of the Canyon; the lower portion and the upper part.
  8. The upper canyon is called “Tsebighanilini” by the Navajo people; meaning “the place where water runs through rocks.”
  9. The lower canyon is called “Hazdistazi” by the Navajo people; meaning “spiral rock arches.”
  10. Antelope Canyon was discovered by a Navajo girl who was herding sheep in the area around 1931.
  11. The Canyon got its name from the Antelopes that grazed in the area.
  12. The Canyon became famous when a European tourist took a picture of the gorgeous canyon and posted it on social media, and it went viral.

If you know something that I do not, please do share with us in the comment section!

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  1. Chaulet Benjamin | 23rd Sep 18

    Very nice picture the last one. Look the photograph Derik Feole who did fantastic pictures as well.

  2. Jennifer Dagi | 23rd Sep 18

    The antelope canyon looks like a wonderful place for a curious tourist to visit. I might consider visiting it someday but I’m not sure I would want to risk bringing kids. If I decide to go, I’ll either go alone or with my spouse. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Shahenda | 23rd Sep 18

    Is it me or it looks dangerous? BTW it might be an interesting location for filming sci-fi movies, like another planet or Mars.

  4. Ena Que | 23rd Sep 18

    I will definitely visit whenever I have the chance! I think this is amazing; I might spend hours there…

  5. Bushra | 24th Sep 18

    OMG, the last picture is so amazing. One day I would like to visit it with my husband. We have never been to Arizona though. Just a couple of time at the airport for connecting flight and it was very beautiful.

  6. Aakanksha | 24th Sep 18

    Oh, those steps do look dangerous! I like the fact# 11. Do the antelopes still graze there?

  7. Devyani Ray | 24th Sep 18

    I have always wanted to visit Antelop canyon. Have to make it next year!

  8. aisasami | 24th Sep 18

    This is a beautiful canyon! It looks really photogenic. I have to visit this someday!

  9. Blushblushtomato | 25th Sep 18

    Wow, very informative, would love to visit there one day!

  10. Crystal | 26th Sep 18

    Some things are so beautiful that it doesn’t look real. Definitely a must on my travel wish list now!

  11. Bashi | 27th Sep 18

    This place is really nice yet terrifying. it’s interesting to know that it went viral after a tourist visit picture.

  12. Gena | 1st Oct 18

    This Canyon is on my bucket list! And it’s always nice to find out more things about the place you want to visit. Thank you for quality content! 🙂

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