Did you know pizza is one of the most popular fast food item all around the world? Maybe you do. But what do we really know about pizza that we enjoy so much? Well, during my recent visit to Naples, Italy I figured I knew nothing. So, I tried to learn as much as I can to share them with you guys. I hope you find them interesting and fun as much as I did.


1. Back in ancient Rome, the clay plates were rare and expensive. People could not afford them. So, they started to use flatbreads as a plate under their food, and the pizza was born.

2. The tradition of flatbreads came to Romans from Arab and Greek civilizations.

3. Christopher Columbus introduced tomatoes to Romans. At first, people thought that it was poisonous and used tomato plants to design their home. Until one day someone decided to cook and eat it. Lucky for us. Can you imagine a pizza without a tomato sauce?

4. Around 1830 pizza was sold exclusively in street stalls and street vendors outside the ovens. Then came to the pizzerias!

5. You should stop by the oldest pizzeria Port’Alba in Naples, Italy.



6. Pizza that we know today was discovered by Italy’s second king’s wife, the Queen Margherita of Savoy in the 19th century. In 1889, the Queen traveled to open a railway in industrialized Naples along with her husband. She was looking out from her carriage’s window when she saw the fat and happy Neapolitans eating a pizza. She requested to try some. People in the carriage declined her request saying “Pizza is the food of the poor people.” She insisted. Then the king found the best pizza maker in the town named Raffaele Esposito and ordered him to make a pizza for the queen.

7. During that time, there were only two kinds of pizzas. One called Marinara, it got its name from a fisherman’s wife who baked this pizza for the first time for her husband for a lunch. It had tomato, garlic, oregano, and black olives. The second one was a white flatbread with pigs’ fat on it. The chef thought that it would be inappropriate to present any of the pizza to Queen. So, he decided to create one for her.


8. Neapolitan chef Raffaele Esposito created the pizza for the Queen with tomato, mozzarella, and basil. The colors of the pizza were the representation of an Italian flag. To honor the Queen Margherita of Savoy; the famous chef named his pizza “Pizza Margherita.”

What do you think about these facts? Aren’t they interesting?


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  1. FlySoulmates | 20th Jun 18

    Good post! Many people eat pizza, but not many know even the history about pizza!

    • Melissa | 21st Jun 18

      Thank you!

  2. Katriona Li | 21st Jun 18

    What an interesting blog post! I love pizza and definitely learnt a lot 🙂

    • Melissa | 21st Jun 18

      Thank you Katriona 🙂 I am glad that you found it interesting too!

  3. Thatsmeonline | 22nd Jun 18

    As a true pizza fan, I knew that it was invented in Naples, of course! 😉 I really enjoyed reading this. I was about to like that post, but the like button wouldn’t show, though.

    • Melissa | 25th Jun 18

      Thank you, Claudia! I am happy that you enjoyed it. I am aware of the like button, I will fix that 🙂 Thanks again!

  4. Bibi on Board | 24th Jun 18

    I love Italy and I really like their food – especially pizza 🙂 I can come back to this country many times and not get bored at all. Same with pizza 😉 Thank you for your article and the interesting facts about pizza! It’s always good to get to know about something new.

    • Melissa | 25th Jun 18

      Thank you for visiting Bibi 🙂

  5. Olayiwola A | 30th Jun 18

    Pizzas are lovely, one fact that got me laughing was the Romans first thought tomato were poisonous, very funny

  6. Ash | 30th Jun 18

    Just 8 more points to add to my obsession with pizza!
    Mm… pizza. Drools.

    • Melissa | 30th Jun 18


  7. Niki at Toot's Mom is Tired | 30th Jun 18

    I never thought about the colors of a Margherita pizza being Italian colors! And I didn’t know she was a queen. I was very confused when I first ordered one because I expected it to be like margaritas. lol

    • Melissa | 30th Jun 18

      It’s nice to learn new things 🙂

  8. LaRena | 30th Jun 18

    Love history and learning. Great article. I think I’ll share with some homeschool groups.

    • Melissa | 30th Jun 18

      Thank you Larena!

  9. Bryan | 2nd Jul 18

    Fun stuff to know! It might also be fun to do a follow- up to this, covering facts about American pizza and how different regions have their own take on pizza pie: New York pizza, Chicago style pizza, etc.

  10. Kim | 2nd Jul 18

    I could eat pizza for every meal…so yummy. Doesn’t really fit into Weight Watchers though:( Very interesting facts.

  11. Elizabeth | 2nd Jul 18

    Makes me want to go back to Italy!

  12. Evelyn | 2nd Jul 18

    I literally had no idea about any of this! Can’t believe the Romans used to eat pizza!

  13. Shereen || Shereen Travels Cheap | 2nd Jul 18

    Ooh, this really makes me want to travel for pizza, and I don’t even really eat it at home.

  14. Kelly | 3rd Jul 18

    I never knew the history. Very well written and now I am hungry!!

  15. That dog momma | 21st Jul 18

    I knew I love Pizza but I had no idea it was that popular.

  16. Ofai | 22nd Jul 18

    In my life I’ve eaten a good amount of pizza especially Dominos but I’ve never bothered with pizza fun facts but I only know it came from Italy. Thanks for shedding more life. Check out my latest post http://lifestylegems.com.ng/blog/life-after-university thank you!

  17. furtdsolinopv | 28th Oct 18

    Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, appreciate it. “Shared joys make a friend, not shared sufferings.” by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

  18. Renee | 11th Jan 19

    I love this. My husband is from Italy and I was always curious of this. Fantastic and fun information. Thanks for sharing!

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