Happy New Year:2019

I know it has been a while since I wrote something to my page. I apologize from all of you. So many things changed during that time. Therefore, I cannot wait to share them with you all. But first, let me start wishing you all a year that’s promising, exciting, inspiring and full of fun! Happy 2019!!!

As I said so many things changed, I left my job in September 2018 to explore more places, to meet with new people, and to have a taste of different culinary, so that’s what I have been doing since than. It’s been fun and exhausting at the same time, but I know every second of it, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So, today I am writing this post to you from Boston, Massachusetts. I wanted to mention my location because something happened this morning that made me think about my life in 2019. As I was walking down on the Cambridge street to get something for breakfast from Whole food, a tall, skinny, and an elderly guy approached me to say hi with a box of donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts in his hand. Off course, the donuts were not for me; he said his kids are waiting for him for breakfast. I smiled and told him to enjoy them.

He walked ahead of me a few steps and then came back and said: “Listen, be happy!!!” I stopped and laughed. Why I laughed? I wanted to prove to him that I am already happy. Then, he continued “You don’t need money, you don’t need a job, and you don’t need a rich husband, just be happy with what you have” and I said “okay, thanks” and laughed again. I was uncomfortable getting advice from a man I don’t know in the middle of the street, but I tried to hide it from him so he would not feel uncomfortable as well. Then he said “let me tell you one more thing before I leave; be thankful too then you will get more of the things you are thankful for and be happy!!!” then he left.

“Was I look unhappy?” I said to myself.  “Maybe, I should smile more. And what did he mean by I should be thankful, do I look like an ungrateful person to others?” blah… blah… blah… I am sure you all know how you talk to yourself inside of your head…don’t you? So, that was me talking to myself until I reached my destination.

Then, I thought some more about happiness. What makes me happy? Just when I thought I do not know the answers to my question, my sister called. To give you a back story, my sister sent me a text at 2:30 am in the morning asking “What I was doing?” I woke up in the morning and responded to her text saying “I was sleeping! What’s up?”

So she called me to make sure if I was okay because she saw me holding her hand and calling her name in her dream. Then, I knew what the answer to my question is. It’s family. In other words; it is people who care about me. People who love me unconditionally and make me feel safe in this world.

So, think about what make(s) you happy in life. As the man said earlier today, we should all be happy and grateful in life with what we have. So, again happy new year to you all.

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  1. Phill Slater | 13th Jan 19

    Inspiring post. I used to think material things would make me happy. Now I know it’s travel and the process of writing that provides the inner contentment I need.

  2. Marilyn | 13th Jan 19

    Yes!! That’s my home town, Boston 😂.

    We will do stuff like this.

    It’s not bad on your part. Some of us just are so sensitive towards others needs that we can sense what they are going through.

    Be happy. I agree with the strange man on Cambridge street.

  3. Irina | 13th Jan 19

    Happy New Year! I think it is nice to sit down and appreciate what we have in our lives once in a while – maybe we are lucky to be very healthy, or we are lucky to be loved by the person we love, or we are lucky to have everything we have ever dreamed of. Anyway, I think it is important to be grateful every day! 🙂

  4. Brandy | 13th Jan 19

    We should all strive to be happy and sometimes, a jolt from someone we don’t know can help us to remember this. God bless you on your trip.

  5. Lala | 14th Jan 19

    Materials will always fade away even friends, but family is forever.

  6. Bindu Thomas | 14th Jan 19

    This is such an inspiring post! It is important to be grateful every day. That’s what I forget sometimes.

  7. Kristen Frolich | 14th Jan 19

    Welcome back to writing! I hope you have an amazing time on your trip. Keep an pad and pen handy so this way you can write everything down and share it with us!

  8. Jolie Starrett | 14th Jan 19

    Congrats on the travel. Hoping for a great 2019!

  9. Alyazia | 14th Jan 19

    Great post, I do agree with every thing you wrote. Happy new year to you

  10. Chrystal | 14th Jan 19

    New Years always make us think of new starts or what aspirations we have in life, right? I like to think that happiness is a journey and not a destination. I’m happy when I’m working towards a goal and see myself improve. Reaching the goal is very satisfactory, but it is the journey that brings me happiness. And yes, also my tribe like you. My family and friends.

  11. Alvern @ Success Unscrambled | 14th Jan 19

    Awesome, great advice! Sometimes it is easy to forget all our blessings and instead, we start complaining. It always reminds me of the story of Anne Frank in the book The Traveler’s Gift. Today I will choose to be happy.

  12. Dani | 15th Jan 19

    The more gratitude you put into the world, the more you will receive and see! This is a great post! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Marie Goldstein | 15th Jan 19

    Happy new year! Happy you are back to blogging.

  14. Dani Flanders | 15th Jan 19

    What a funny experience! I would have probably reacted the exact same way. What an inspiring man, though! Imagine what has happened in his life that has brought him to wanting to share that advice with a complete stranger! I believe those kinds of encounters happen for a reason 🙂

  15. Ada | 15th Jan 19

    Nice of that man to take the time to tell you that. I probably would’ve felt stance about it at first myself.

  16. Kay | 16th Jan 19

    My family are also the people who make me happy, especially my children. They give me motivation to do what I do. I feel like I’m mostly grateful but it’s not always easy when things dont go the way I want.

  17. Tasha at Lady Boss Studio | 16th Jan 19

    Happy New Year! Great advice and a good reminder. Family is what makes me happy as well. They’re what’s most important to me.

  18. aisasami | 16th Jan 19

    What powerful advice! Welcome back and happy new year to you too!

  19. maysz | 16th Jan 19

    Happy new year! I’ am glad to know that you are back in writing more inspirational post from you!

  20. Maartje van Sandwijk | 16th Jan 19

    Very inspiring post! I love that the man wanted to share something like that with a complete stranger!

  21. Sundeep | 16th Jan 19

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year to you too. Welcome back. Thanks for sharing your story I really liked it. Getting right advice from a stranger.

  22. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo | 16th Jan 19

    As I grew older, I have learned that contentment and gratitude leads to happiness. Happy New Year!

  23. Shweta koul | 16th Jan 19

    I’m happy when I’m with my family, it feels a sense of immense comfort, love, peace when I’m with them. I must say that you have nicely penned down your experience. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

  24. Maureen | 16th Jan 19

    I’ve had the same experience with a stranger; Slightly different message though 🙂 It is vital to live a life of gratitude, you begin to find happiness in the smallest of things.

  25. Amber Solis | 16th Jan 19

    I just love Boston….thanks for sharing your New Year!

  26. Becca Holloman | 16th Jan 19

    What makes you happy in life is definitely different than what will make someone else happy. This is such a great post about everything in life happening for a reason. Glad to see that you are back to blogging!

  27. Lydia Smith | 16th Jan 19

    Now, I’m curious to know what makes me happy. And those random encounters are what most of us need. The universe sees us all and sends someone to tell us now great we’ve been doing. Be Happy!

  28. Jennifer | 16th Jan 19

    Happy New Year to as well! It’s so important to be thankful and happy for everything we have. I personally believe that in order to acquire more in life, we always have to be grateful for the little things. It’s funny how sometimes it takes a complete stranger for us to realize just how blessed we truly are. Thank you for sharing!

  29. Diana Tidswell | 17th Jan 19

    Well, it was a strange scenario that someone you don’t know give you such advice. But it was sweet. So sweet of him.

  30. Catherine Santiago Jose | 17th Jan 19

    I really enjoyed reading this article. It short but very inspiring. It was a very strange scenario for me but reading your story helped me to think about my family. Family is really matters and they are my happiness.

  31. Mudpiefridays | 17th Jan 19

    This is such an inspiring post. Good luck on your travel! And may your 2019 will be filled with happiness and success and more travel of course.

  32. Preet | 17th Jan 19

    As I grew older, I found myself being grateful with everything I have. It may be good or bad, The more grateful I am the ore blessings are coming my way.

  33. Britney | 17th Jan 19

    What a positive post! Thank you for that coming into 2019!

  34. Anjali W | 17th Jan 19

    It was really sweet of the guy to say such positive things. It’s not all on days when you come across such positive people. I too feel that family is very important and being with them makes me the most happiest.

  35. Nayna Kanabar | 17th Jan 19

    Some times it takes a total stranger to get our thinking into perspective. Welcome back to blogging.

  36. Folabest | 17th Jan 19

    So inspiring and touching. Thanks for sharing

  37. Fatima Torres | 17th Jan 19

    Sounds like 2019 will be a memorable year for you. Boston is a great place to explore. We love visiting family and friends there.

  38. Khushboo Motihar | 17th Jan 19

    What an interesting encounter. Sometimes strangers can be so insightful. Hope you are having a great time travelling

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