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Hello There!

I am a travel photographer, a food junkie, and an explorer. On my page, I share fun and interesting facts about places, people, and plates using my photos.

About me:

I get it! You do not like to read about people then it’s time for you to jump to my homepage. But in case if you do, here are few things about me.

  • I bite my nails since I was five years old and still cannot stop. If you have any suggestions about how to prevent me biting my nails, then speak up.
  • What happened when I was five? My sisters were born. Not one, but two of them (twins). Ahaaa now you know. Not only that, my hair started to fall off after a year, and I still have the small bald spot on the top of my head. And yes!! I need a cure for that too.
  • I worship my mom; she is the light of my life.
  • I started to write and read in my fourth grade (no joke) and have not stopped writing and reading since then.
  • My first love was my gym teacher in high school, and I still have the love letter that I wrote to him. That makes me laugh every time I read it.
  • The first book I read was “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoyevsky; he inspired me to be a writer.
  • I am people watcher so watch out in New York City’s parks because most of the time I hang out in one of them with my camera. How weird is that?
  • I have been in fifteen countries and still traveling as much as I can.
  • My biggest fear is missing one of my flights. I feel terrified, and I always try to arrive at airports a few hours before my flight time.
  • Time stops and nothing matters in the world when I am taking pictures.
  • I have been trying to be a vegetarian for two years, but hey it takes time.
  • Also, I have been trying to release an extra forty pounds I have, since 2016, but hey it is hard. At least, I am keeping the same item every year in my new year’s resolution list.
  • I laugh at myself more than anyone or anything in the world. I think I am hilarious.
  • My bucket list includes dancing in the rain in the Amazon while eating Nutella.
  • My favorite things when I was a kid; Crayola Crayons and my black ugly cat that my grandfather brought from Germany as a gift.
  • My biggest dream is finding my John Snow. Yes, he is my precious!! And yes, I still believe in Love (with capital “L”).
  • I love every human being; you are all unique and beautiful. So, I say let’s forget about our differences and celebrate the life we have. Cheers to that!!

I hope I did not leave out anything significant. So, that’s it from me.


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