1. Antoni Gaudi was born in Reus on June 25th, 1852. He did not get married or have any kids. He was a real believer and modest genius. He devoted his whole life to his works. There was only a twin bed, a Bible, and a prayer chair in his room. He was a minimalist – one of the famous architects of his time yet, I could not see anything fancy in his house.
  2. On June 10, 1926, he got hit by a tram. People thought he was one of the homeless on the street and he was left to die there. After a few days, he was taken to a hospital and died right after he arrived. I do not know if it was his wish to be buried in La Sagrada Familia Cathedral but, whoever decided to put his body there made an excellent choice because many people get to visit his grave.
  3. His works inspire and attract so many people from all over the world even in crude forms, and most of his masterpieces are UNESCO heritage sites. His most significant masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, which he was influenced by how tree trunk manages to sustain branches and leaves without any other elements. “Everything is in balance because it goes back to the origin,” he said. After so many years, the church is still under construction and open to the public. Today, Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece attracts over 4 million people each year and is expected to be complete in a decade.
  4. His second biggest archeological site is Park Guell, a fantastic and unique park. It was completed in 14 years. In fact, Gaudi had a plan to continue adding parts to the park, but he had to put a stop to the construction because of Count Guell passing who funded the project. Estimated 4 million people visit the park and 90% of visitors are international. One other architectural piece built by Gaudi, La Pedrera – I can’t find words to describe how beautiful this house is, both from outside and inside. Every floor has its uniqueness, and the rooftop is a must see.
  5. Although at the time Gaudi received negative criticism by all newspapers in Barcelona and accused of not knowing anything about an architect, he stood his ground and continued to create magnificent sites. “An architect is someone who can see nature of things before they exist, someone who knows how to put in order and arrange things in a form that’s three-dimensional but with feeling. A feeling is a life whenever we go wrong because of the head, and the head is only an instrument of control.” I believe he described himself very well in his words. He loved nature and put together each piece in such a beautiful form. If you look closely at his works, you will see a different life created with his great imagination and a love of the God in each his work. They are all so colorful and beautiful.





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