My first five days filled with potato soup and hot chocolate in Quito, Ecuador.

“Why potato soup?”

Let me start by telling you first what potato soup has inside; it’s potato pure, homemade cheese slices, roasted salted corn, and avocado slices. Sounds delicious right? Well, it is. It’s also so filling too. You get a big bowl of potato soup for $5-$6 in anywhere in Quito.

Mine was without cheese though. If you want to know why? You should read my recent post about staying healthy while traveling; then you will see that I have a habit of getting sick on my journeys. So, after getting food poisoning a few times, I decided not to try anything new for a while. I know it sounds tough especially in Quito, but I was so scared to get sick, so I ate potato soup on my lunches and dinners for five days. Thankfully, my breakfasts mostly consisted of cereal and oatmeal that I brought from New York along with me.

“Why Hot Chocolate?”

I try not to like chocolate after I read about the child labor and unfair farmer wages in Africa. So far, it is not working well, but I am sure I will find the way to stop eating it or drinking hot chocolate (which I want to so bad but haven’t quite figured that out how to?). Or I might find other ways to help out with this issue in some others way. Who knows? In Ecuador, I loved trying chocolate because I saw how Ecuadorians were farming and making the chocolate. They use their hands in each process. I felt like I was helping locals by buying them. Or maybe I was trying to ease my guilty conscious. As most of you know, the origin of cocoa in South America but the production shifted a long time ago to Africa, mostly in Ivory Coast. Here in Ecuador, people say “they have the best cocoa,” believe them, they do.

I am sorry what I am about to say but when I went to chocolate tours in two other countries in South America; chocolate never tested that good. So, I added hot chocolate to my dessert list after my potato soup! So, what do you think about my food choices? what would you eat if you were in my shoes?





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  1. Juli | 2nd Aug 18

    These delicacies combined will make for a nice treat.

    • Melissa | 3rd Aug 18

      Hahaha, yesss thanks, Juli!

  2. Chetan | 2nd Aug 18

    You are commenting people through food , this is very good ….
    Awesome and delicious treat

    • Melissa | 3rd Aug 18

      Thanks, Chetan.

  3. Nicole | 2nd Aug 18

    I love potato soup, in fact I just blogged about the same thing from Poland! 🙂

    • Melissa | 2nd Aug 18

      Please share your link Nicole, I would love to read it 🙂

  4. sakshi @TRIPLEAMOMMY | 2nd Aug 18

    I also had some good potato soup in Peru! remembered that time!

    • Melissa | 3rd Aug 18

      I missed on that when I was in Peru 🙁 Hopefully, next time!

  5. Jessica Myers | 2nd Aug 18

    I didn’t have any soup I liked in Ecuador, but I loved all the different flavors of juice! My favorite was the strawberry juice! They also had really flavorful rice that I ate with avocados. The ice cream I had in Quito was also pretty good.

    • Melissa | 3rd Aug 18

      Yess!! the ice cream was amazing. Which flavor did you have Jessica? I tried the corn ice cream for the first time in a famous street La Ronda and that was amazing.

  6. Evelyn Hernandez | 2nd Aug 18

    We have never been to Ecuador, seems like we need to plan a vacation there soon.

    • Melissa | 3rd Aug 18

      Lots of hiking, biking, and other sports Evelyn, you guys will enjoy it I am sure!

  7. Chai | 3rd Aug 18

    One of the best ways to experience the place is through foods. I would do the same thing that you did.

    • Melissa | 3rd Aug 18

      Thanks, Chai!

    • Melissa | 3rd Aug 18

      Thank you for sharing your link, Nicole!

  8. Maysz | 3rd Aug 18

    I love hot chocolate <3 I've never been in Ecuador in my entire life How I wish I have an opportunity to visit Ecuador thanks for sharing!

    • Melissa | 3rd Aug 18

      Hope you’ll visit someday Maysz! It is an amazing country.

  9. Europe finance blog | 3rd Aug 18

    That flower looks so beautiful! I love it!

    • Melissa | 4th Aug 18

      That flower was painted on the wall across the chocolate place I went to in Mindo, Ecuador. I felt the same when I saw it.

  10. WanderTruant | 3rd Aug 18

    Its worth a trip to get a good cup of hot chocolate. I’ve actually never thought about the chocolate trade and ethical consumption of chocolate before – definitely food for thought and something to be aware of.

    • Melissa | 4th Aug 18

      Thank you.

  11. Meggan | 3rd Aug 18

    Um Potato Soup sounds amazing – I am 100% sure I would love it and good for you for not getting cheese, a tough choice but I am glad you didn’t get sick!!

    • Melissa | 4th Aug 18

      Thank you, Meggan.

  12. Heather | 3rd Aug 18

    Mmmmm now I really want some potato soup! I’m a huge fan of soup, and I’ll take potatoes in anything so it sounds right up my alley!

    • Melissa | 4th Aug 18

      Yes!! I miss that already 🙂

  13. Elaine | 3rd Aug 18

    I love anything with potatoes, and I love soup, so by default, I love potato soups. This Ecuadorian potato soup you describe in your blog sounds amaaaaazing. I might have to search around online for a recipe so I can try it for myself. Thanks for sharing!

    • Melissa | 4th Aug 18

      Thanks, Elaina. Do that, if you cannot find it, let me know, I will get the recipe for you from my Ecuadorian friend 🙂

  14. prabashi | 4th Aug 18

    I love potato soup. Sound like an amazing soup u had in Ecuador. Wish i can travel and have a taste of this.

    • Melissa | 4th Aug 18

      I hope that you will Prabashi.

  15. Neil Alvin Nicerio | 4th Aug 18

    Yummy. Your article made me get hungry. 🙂

    • Melissa | 4th Aug 18


  16. Sheena Moncatar | 4th Aug 18

    Yes, why potato soup? LOL. I am a great fan of potato soup but I have never been to Ecuador, I wonder how their potato soup would sit in my mouth. I want to know the exact texture and feel as I sip it. Thanks for the wonderful post, travel posts always awaken my senses!

  17. Jeferson | 4th Aug 18

    Yes…. Healthy food is always the best option……

  18. Backpacking Series | 5th Aug 18

    Potato soup and hot chocolate in Quito, Ecuador sounds so tasteful. Love the idea of chocolate tours. One day!

  19. Adaezeboltbethel | 5th Aug 18

    Potato Soup for five days? You are indeed a hero. I can’t imagine eating one meal over and over, it makes me sick. Though I understand your reasons and I am glad you are taking precautions not to fall sick again.

  20. Everything on a plate | 5th Aug 18

    We have never been to Ecuador.. And have never had potato soup either!

  21. Vaishali | 5th Aug 18

    Potato soup sounds good to me

  22. anshul | 6th Aug 18

    Ecuador is one place that has been in my list for so long. Now the culinary desires make me want to visit this place as soon as possible.

  23. Kamapala Chukwuka | 6th Aug 18

    I just love how supportive and informative you sound in this post. Potato sounds really healthy 🙂 I do love a hot cup of chocolate too 🙂

  24. Nathan Tran | 6th Aug 18

    It is an amazing blog with fantastic content! Thank you so much for sharing

  25. Meygan | 6th Aug 18

    Yummm, potato soup sounds amazing! Was it too warm to have potato soup and hot chocolate all of the time, though?

  26. Valerie | 9th Aug 18

    Ahh, these sound so good! And they fit the rainy weather in our place.

  27. Pavan K | 9th Aug 18

    This is the second post I read about potato soup and it sounds amazinggggg. I would love some pictures of the foood you ate! It would make the post 10x better <3 😀

  28. Niki | 10th Aug 18

    I love hot chocolate! This potato soup sounds amazing. Never been to Ecuador, I wish I could visit this country one day

  29. Linda | 10th Aug 18

    Haha you just had potato soup and hot chocolate?! My dream!!

  30. furtdso linopv | 2nd Nov 18

    Very interesting points you have mentioned, thanks for putting up.

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